Our Core Values

Sebatu Sanctuary is a family-owned resort and we take a long-term and holistic approach toward our business; with our core values guiding the design, construction, and management.  Before building Sebatu Sanctuary, I dedicated three decades of my career working with remote communities and forest industries in the tropics, assisting them to sustainably manage their natural resources and minimize environmental and social impacts.  

Our two sons were born in Bali, and my wife and I feel passionate about this beautiful island and how responsible tourism can bring economic benefits without sacrificing its beauty or the island’s endearing culture.   We strive to become a model for Bali’s tourism sector that demonstrates a resort can do well by doing good.  Specifically, we have focused on adhering to three principles during the design, construction, and now operation of our resort, which are: 

  1. Minimize environmental and ecological impacts

  2. Support Balinese social and cultural aspects

  3. Promote the economic welfare of the surrounding villages 

Minimize environmental and ecological impacts

In the design of our resort, energy efficiency was a primary focus and we've installed all LED lights and the appliances have the highest energy efficiency rating.  We've designed an innovative solar tree using bamboo that supplies 80% of the electricity to our two tented villas.  We're installing solar power in our other cottages as well, and in five years hope to be a net provider of electricity to Bali's electrical grid system.

Surprisingly on an island that receives on average three meters of rain per year, access to clean water is becoming an increasing concern.  In the southern part of Bali, water tables have been decreasing due to high water demand from tourism.  During our construction, we decided not to drill a well, and instead have installed a rainwater harvesting system that can store 70,000 liters of clean water in our tanks.  Rainwater is free of almost all impurities and additionally we use activated carbon filters to ensure that the water is pure and chemical free.  

Our natural, chemical free swimming pool was designed by Ng Kok Hong and uses a unique bio-filter that applies ecological processes, including native fish in the pool to cleanse the water.  It's only the second natural pool of this type in Bali.   Our grey and black water is processed through a waste water garden that uses bacteria, gravel, and plants to purify the water, ensuring that once it leaves our resort it won't cause adverse impacts to down-stream communities or the ecosystem. 

With Balinese community leaders, we are forming a nonprofit organization focused on reforesting Bali's most critical watersheds by promoting agroforestry tree species that provide an income to farmers while protecting steep slopes from erosion.  

Support Balinese Social and Cultural Aspects 

Our village, Sebatu is steeped in Balinese history, and the area surrounding the sacred water springs of Gunung Kawi has been continuously inhabited for at least 1,000 years.  The people of Sebatu are widely known for their excellence in Balinese dance and Gamelan music and several documentaries going back to 1933 were filmed in Sebatu.  Many of Sebatu's older inhabitants speak of traveling to the US to perform at the White House in the 1960s and 1970s.  To support the performing arts, we will engage young aspiring dancers and musicians to provide performances at Sebatu Sanctuary on a regular basis.  Additionally, through our social media platforms, we promote various cultural festivals and attractions in and near to Sebatu village.  

Promote the Economic Welfare of Sebatu

We believe in paying a living wage to our employees and provide health insurance to them.  We also offer profit sharing opportunities for employees after their first year.  Besides dance and music, Sebatu is also known for its highly skilled wood and stone carvers.  However, over the last five years, demand has decreased causing financial stress for many of Sebatu's craftsmen.  We have curated the very best of Sebatu's handicrafts and offer them for sell in our on-site store that will soon have a web-based catalog.