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About Sebatu Sanctuary 

My wife, Evi, and I own and operate Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-resort. We designed our boutique resort for travelers like us with a sense of adventure and an appreciation of different cultures, who while seeking out truly unique experiences, wish to minimize harm to our fragile earth.  

Sebatu Sanctuary is fully compliant with the 
environmental and social principles of the Green Globe and Earth Check, two of the world's most stringent certification standards for hotels and resorts. Our mission is to use Sebatu Sanctuary as a model to promote low impact eco-tourism throughout Bali and Indonesia.  We cherish Bali and its open-hearted, welcoming people, and enjoy sharing the beauty of the Island of the Gods with our guests.  

Building and operating Sebatu Sanctuary has been a labor of love and we've focused on providing memorable and amazing experiences whether through our bespoke luxurious villas, the delicious Indonesian and Thai cuisine in our restaurant, Evicurious, or by offering an array of meaningful experiences covering four different categories, from cultural to high adventure.  

We feel heartened to have received the Peoples' Choice Award by Trip Advisor the last two years, placing our boutique eco-resort in the top 10% of hotels worldwide.  

Alexander Stanley

Co-owner, Sebatu Sanctuary 

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