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Evicurious Restaurant

Forest-to-table Asian Cuisine



To reserve a table, please call or message our Whats App: +628113998931

We also provide take out food and please click on our menu below

We're one of Bali's leading boutique resorts, and we've curated the most delectable dishes from Thailand, Indonesia and India and added our own contemporary twist.  Fresh spices form an integral part of all of our recipes, along with organic tomatoes and various other fruits used in our juice bar, all either from our garden or bought locally.  From our forest, we prepare several unique dishes, such as prawns with fiddlehead ferns sautéed with garlic and freshly foraged mushrooms.   

 We have a wide array of flavorful vegetarian and vegan options such as a spicy Jackfruit Rendang, a dish from West Sumatran, which highlights Padang cuisine.

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